Shredded paper compost

shredded paper compost


If you don’t have the option of recycling paper products, adding shredded paper to compost is an effective and easy way to add a carbon rich material to the compost pile or compost bin.

The easiest way to shred the paper is to use a paper shredder. Paper shredders have always been the domain of offices and office equipment but now they can be bought very cheaply at paper supply or stationery supplies stores for use at home.

Add the paper to the compost just as you would other compost materials, so don’t load up the compost bin with a huge pile of paper or you will end up with a gluggy mess.  Layer the paper with other compost materials.

Can you do the balancing act?

Add some ‘greens’ or nitrogen rich material to provide a balance and enable the composting process to work efficiently. For many home composters, who often use the cold method of composting and have a pile that is being constantly added to, it’s important to keep the carbon/ nitrogen balance.

The best way to do this is to alternate a layer of greens and a layer of browns.  Bearing in mind that people tend to add kitchen scraps to the pile quite frequently it is a good idea to have some brown or carbon rich materials ready for adding to the pile. Some shredded paper and raked dried leaves are good for this purpose.

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Personal document disposal

shredded paper compostAdding shredded paper to the compost pile or compost bin is also an ideal way to dispose of any documents with personal or sensitive details that need to be destroyed. This is something we all need to be aware of and shredding documents and then composting solves the problem of what to do with such documents and also adds value to the compost pile by adding ‘browns.’

Shredded paper makes an ideal bedding material to use in worm farms and although I have had no experience with the following suggestion it is apparently also good a substitute for kitty litter.

So, look out for an inexpensive paper shredder and add shredded paper to the compost.

If you have questions or concerns about composting and  the dyes and inks used in making paper read Composting Paper.


  1. The decision to use either coated or uncoated paper is probably the one choice that will affect the overall feeling of your product the most. So choose carefully. Coated papers have china clay or other kinds of coating applied to one or both sides. It comes in a variety of smoothness, like matte, semi-matte or silk, and gloss.

  2. Good read. Using shredded paper to compost seems like a good way to reduce waste. Thanks for sharing.

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