Create Magic In Your Garden With Compost 

You don't need to buy compost. Make your own. What a difference it makes to any garden. 
composting tips e book
You can make composting a success in your garden. It doesn't have to be difficult or technical.
  • Discover how easy it is to make compost using kitchen scraps
  • Find out the mistakes you have been making and how to correct them
  • Find out how to build a simple compost pile and how to maintain it
  • Learn how to look after a worm farm and what to feed the worms

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In Create Magic In Your Garden With Compost You Will Discover


compost pile mistakes

  • Maybe you are not sure if composting is for you. 
  • Have you had problems, creating good compost?
  • and then....have you decided that it was all too hard?

​This is a super easy way to get started and get you hooked. Start composting while you are still reading the book. Even if you do no other form of composting, this is an easy way to make a compost pile, Anyone can do it!


composting worms
  • Why compost with worms?
  • What do worms eat?
  • How do I look after the worms?
  • How many worms do I need?
  • Where is the best place to put a worm farm?
  • How do worms actually make the compost?
  • and often asked question...Do the worms ever escape?

If you want to try composting with worms, this easy to read guide will answer all of your questions. This is a great way of composting to get the kids involved.


municipal composting facility

Garden fork turning black composted soil in wooden compost bin

  • Do I need any equipment?
  • How to use a compost tumbler.
  • Make a compost tumbler.
  • Make a compost bin.
  • What is a compost aerator?

To buy equipment or not to buy equipment? Just as there are some excellent compost bins and other accessories, the choice is yours. There are plenty of options to make compost using no specialised equipment.


Composting Tips
  • What kitchen scraps are okay to compost?
  • What is the best container to use for a kitchen compost crock.
  • Things to consider if buying a kitchen compost crock.
  • Is it okay to compost meat and dairy products? 
  • What is Bokashi Composting?

This is just the absolute best and something that everyone can do. It's just a matter of making it a habit, at least most of the time. Let's face it, none of us are compliant 100% of the time. Comprehensive instructions for composting in the kitchen using different containers. However it can be as easy as wrapping the fruit and vegetable scraps from tonight's dinner in newspaper and adding to the compost.

Composting is easy when you know  WHAT TO DO!
how to compost

What do you get?

You will get 57 pages of good solid, practical, advice to create compost that you can put into action.  

Create Magic In Your Garden With Compost  gives you the 'hands on' information you need to succeed and make composting a part of your life.

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Start Creating Magic In Your Garden ​

  • Here’s an easy way to get started
  • How to Make a Compost Pile
  • Composting Methods
  • Composting Paper
  • ​Composting Grass
  • ​Composting Food
  • ​Choosing a Kitchen Composter
  • ​What is Anaerobic Composting?
  • ​What is Bokashi Composting?
  • ​A Guide to Composting with Worms
  • ​How to use a Compost Aerator and do I really need one?
  • ​How to use a Compost Tumbler
  • How to Build Compost Bins
  • Tips for Success

municipal composting facility

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