Composting Juicer Pulp

Pulp from juicer

Juicing is hugely popular these days, whether it be fruit or vegetable or a combination of both.

The juicer is used pretty well every day at our place and sits on the kitchen bench which ensures it does get used.

It did spend a few years, lonely and forgotten at the back of a cupboard.

Can you compost the pulp?

Yes, the pulp left over from juicing fruit and vegetables is ideal to go into the compost as part of your normal kitchen composting routine.

You can add it to your kitchen composting bucket and when it is full, add to the compost pile or compost bin.

If you are adding the pulp from the juicer directly to the pile I suggest that you cover the pulp or push it into the pile so that rodents and other animals are not attracted to the pile.
For convenience, you can put the pulp in a bag in the fridge or freezer and add to the compost pile or bin when you have time, such as leaving it until the weekend.

Like composting anything, remember to balance the greens with the browns.

You might want to add some shredded paper or torn paper, even used paper towels and some dry leaves in with the wet kitchen waste.

We juice most days, so early morning there is already pulp from the juicing plus several tea bags waiting to be composted.

There’s recipes online using the pulp but to be honest we have too much pulp to always use for cooking purposes.

I would estimate that our juicer is circa the late 80’s and is badly in need of an upgrade.

I found this site to be particularly helpful when researching the different models and costs as there is huge price difference and mechanical action with these machines.

Happy juicing – it makes me feel so healthy