Can you use coffee grounds in the compost?


A good reason to drink coffee ( Did I really need  a reason?)
Recently I was having breakfast at a cafe and just outside the door there was a large container filled with coffee grounds.
It turned out that the grounds were for anyone to take  to use in the garden.

Can you use coffee grounds in the compost?

Coffee grounds are not acidic like the brewed stuff and are pretty neutral as far as ph goes and are ideal to add to the compost.
You probably don’t want to trot out to the compost pile every time you have a coffee so just add the grounds to the kitchen compost.
The filter is okay to compost also so just put the whole lot into the kitchen compost crock.

By the way, worms like coffee too so add some grounds to the worm composter if you have one.
PS Don’t do it late at night or your worms won’t be able to sleep ( silly joke, just couldn’t resist).

Coffee grounds are nitrogen rich so just be sure to add some carbon materials such as dry leaves or paper. There’s more info here about what to put in the compost pile.

Now, I think it might just be coffee time.

compost coffee grounds

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